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Fellow blogger Dave2 from Blogography recently posted a new music video on his Facebook timeline. Not seeing the name of the artist when I clicked through the link this morning, it was a few moments before I let out a gleeful squeal. I recognized the voice instantly.

Agnetha Fältskog is back! In May, one of the “A”s from ABBA will be releasing her latest album, “A”. In the meanwhile, here is her first release, “When You Really Loved Someone”.

I have already pre-ordered the album on iTunes. And I’ll probably squeal again.

At 2:45 in the video, I am very much reminded of Agentha and Bjorn back in the day.


The last single ever released by Abba was “Under Attack”, from their album “The Singles”. “Under Attack” has always been one of my favorite Abba tunes, though it is kind of obscure. Last year it was remixed by Matt Pop and it’s kind of fun!

Here it is for your enjoyment.

Friday Dance Party: “Feels So Good”.

Since the mall is playing really bad versions of Christmas carols over a low-fidelity speaker hanging from ceiling tiles, it’s time for a little Friday feel-good music. From 2011, here is Armin van Buuren teamed up with Nadia Ali and “Feels So Good”.

I’m a big fan of Nadia Ali’s vocals and Armin’s production on this track and the video has a sexy vibe that I thoroughly enjoy as well, though I’m always a sucker for sexy spies in formalwear.

Monday Pep Up.

One of my favorite Eurythmics’ tracks, from 1983’s album “Touch”, here is “Right By Your Side”. I clearly remember this video because I was enthralled with the trumpet player’s mustache when I was a wee young gay.


The radio edit of this track provides only a nibble of a beautiful electronic symphony. From 1996, here’s BT with “Remember”, from the album “ESCM”.


Monday Soul.

When we were growing up in the mobile home, Mom often watched “Soul Train” on the black and white television in the “dining room” (the original living room before the addition to the trailer) after we were done with the Saturday morning cartoons (and Shazam/Isis and ElectraWoman and DynaGirl). From an early episode of “Soul Train”, from 1972 here’s “I’ll Be Around” by The Spinners. It is still a very awesome track. You can hear samples of “I’ll Be Around” on Michael Moog’s “That Sound”, which was released in 2001.