The radio edit of this track provides only a nibble of a beautiful electronic symphony. From 1996, here’s BT with “Remember”, from the album “ESCM”.


Monday Soul.

When we were growing up in the mobile home, Mom often watched “Soul Train” on the black and white television in the “dining room” (the original living room before the addition to the trailer) after we were done with the Saturday morning cartoons (and Shazam/Isis and ElectraWoman and DynaGirl). From an early episode of “Soul Train”, from 1972 here’s “I’ll Be Around” by The Spinners. It is still a very awesome track. You can hear samples of “I’ll Be Around” on Michael Moog’s “That Sound”, which was released in 2001.


Friday Dance Party.

I’ve posted this one before, but I still love love love this remix that came out in ’96. It was never released to country radio, but it reached #2 on the Billboard Dance charts.

I still remember dancing to this with my husband at Hillside Campgrounds, not recognizing the version and then gasping in surprise, “It’s REBA!”. We drove to Boston the next weekend to get the limited edition pink vinyl from Tower Records. I, of course, never parted with the pink vinyl. w00t!

Here’s Reba McEntire with “Keep Me Hanging On (Love To Infinity Remix)”.


This afternoon I started smiling at work again. This song was the impetus for that.

From 1987, here’s the #2 hit “What Have I Done To Deserve This?” by Pet Shop Boys featuring Dusty Springfield. Pure 80s heaven.

Friday Night Dance Party: Electronic

One of my favorite dance tracks from the early 90s, from 1992 here’s Electronic with lead vocals by Neil Tennant (from the Pet Shop Boys) and “Disappointed”.

If I could sing leads with a cover band on one song, this would be it.

Friday Night Dance Party: Spinning Around

From 2000, here’s Kylie Minogue with “Spinning Around.” We played this track on WOWZ/WOWB when I was Program Director, though it wasn’t ever officially released in the United States.

This track was originally written for the comeback album Paula Abdul never recorded. Personally, once I knew that I could easily hear Paula Abdul singing this song, though I really like Kylie Minogue’s take on the track. I swear I can hear the riff from Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” in it, but if it’s there it’s not credited.

It’s Just Not Enough.

If you were to look in our kitchen windows right now (which would actually be kind of creepy), you’d see two middle-aged bears dancing to Taylor Dayne’s “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” from 1993.

Funky Live.

Completely live, here’s Leo Sayer with “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” from 1976. I remember listening to this song from the back seat of the ’71 Heavy Chevy.

And he did it without the ridiculous “in-ears” that folks on stage use these days. Yay for monitor speakers.