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Another first

I have been coming to Buffalo since 2003 and finally today I experienced MIGHTY TACO….

Apparently the quality has gone down since everyone used to rave about it. It was enjoyable… better than Taco Bell, but not as good as Jim’s Steak Out.

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Did anyone see my most recent status update on Facebook?
No? Hmmmmm!
What’s that you said? My account has been deactivated? Hmmmmm!
Well in case you missed it, my last update said, “Earl is over it!” and I am.
I’m enjoying blogging/LJ again.
I’m enjoying taking photos again.
I’m enjoying the various and assorted “other” chat programs I use to network […]

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More new friends….

Since yesterday’s post introducing my friend Jamie was such a HUGE hit, I decided today to introduce two more new friends…
Pictured below are Dale and Thomas

Sometimes I kill myself. And that’s why I’m laughing on the inside!
Not funny, huh… Oh well, I enjoyed it.

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I hate when this happens to me.
So much I want to say, I just can’t let myself say it!
I guess that explains why I frequently quit blogging. It also explains why my tag line is “laughing on the inside.”
I suppose there are times when “laughing” could be replaced with various other signs of my […]

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Ho, Ho, Ho… Merry Christmas to me!

Surprise, surprise and Merry Christmas to me!
I’ve been frustrated with my 2001 Sony Super Camera for almost 2 years. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… plus the old technology is so bug and bulky! Well, thank Santa and his special elves for my brand new Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H10 Camera.
I’m very excited to take photos […]

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Final post…(for now)

Every once in a while someone new finds their way to my sparse blog. They notice my lack of posts and ask “why don’t you post on your blog anymore?”
The reason is simple….
I don’t feel like it!
Unlike my partner, my friends, other bloggers, politicians, and poets… I just don’t feel like spending ridiculous hours thinking […]

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Picture it… (Update)

If you’ve already read my previous entry, you are probably saying… “I wish Earl could have posted a better photo.”
I agree 100%, Alan’s photo deserves a better showing than my previous photo of the photo… so here it is.. ENJOY!

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Picture it…

No, this is not a story from Sophia Petrillo in a lost episode of Golden Girls… it’s a story about a picture (sort of).
I guess it’s been more than a year since I first “encountered” the Alan in some on-line chat room or discussion board or website where we shared a common interest.
His profile said […]

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Starting over…AGAIN!

So if you read the previous post you have noted that my lover has “accidentally” deleted 2 years of blog entries, recipes, vacation photo albums, family photos….
Am I pissed? No, just amazed…
Amazed that although we both had blog issues, only mine was deleted.
Amazed that a google search of “JP” (or similar alias that he […]

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