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I decided to take my new camera to work today just in case I saw some interesting ice formations or snow banks on the drive…
Unfortunately, I go to work in the dark and my schedule kept me behind closed door for most of the day so the only photos I took were in the office […]

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More new friends….

Since yesterday’s post introducing my friend Jamie was such a HUGE hit, I decided today to introduce two more new friends…
Pictured below are Dale and Thomas

Sometimes I kill myself. And that’s why I’m laughing on the inside!
Not funny, huh… Oh well, I enjoyed it.

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and that’s the truth….

We passed each other on the street in Toronto… he never even saw me but I saw him.
We passed each other in a revolving door in Buffalo… nothing but a grunt (maybe a grrrr!). We spoke briefly and exchanged emails before the weekend ended.
We met up briefly in Albany while JP and I were having […]

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“It’s simple Dorothy. Just close your eyes, click your heels three times and repeat after me. ‘There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….’”.

Finally made it home to wish my family a Merry Christmas. Two weeks later than planned because of weather, but worth every minute of it.
If […]

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I’m yours!

For my final post of 2008. This goes out to the one(s) I love.

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What’s my name?

So I’ve been blogging again for 4 days and already I am at a loss for things to talk about. So I decided that today’s post would be a photo of dinner…Pork tenderloin with glazed carrots and white onions.
Now don’t get me wrong… there is PLENTY that I could talk about, just not too […]

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Nice ending to Christmas

Well we are finally settling in at home, and the Christmas holiday is coming to a close. JP will probably have several stories to tell on his blog, and I have a few funnies one to tell myself someday.
I can honestly say that the meals we had over the holidays were beyond words!
I can also […]

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Capping off 12 years

Who could think of a better way to finish off 12 years with my best friend? (It’s a rhetorical question, silly)
Well JP and I finished it off with a $300 spending spree at Best Buy,

and dinner and drinks with the cast of characters (see drawings in background) at Delmoino’s Steakhouse.

JP was really living it […]

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I’ve been a very lucky man for the last twelve years. Just like Johnny Cash, I’ve been everywhere. But I’m not lucky because of where I’ve been, I’m lucky because of who I’ve been there with.
On cross country Jeep rides, or vacations to Disney, or just to the local gay campgrounds…. the one constant on […]

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Season’s of love, Believe, The One… decisions, decisions, decisions… I’ve been trying to put this slideshow together for over a week to show the world why I am so in love with this man. What’s the right song? What pictures should I pick and which one’s should I delete? Decisions, decisions, decisions…. Thank heaven I […]

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