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Oh well.

I just got home a little a while ago from my company’s annual Christmas cocktail party.
(I know it’s January 21, let’s not get hung up on the small stuff. Do you REALLY believe that Christ was actually born on December 25?)
The affair was very nice and I must compliment myself on an overall well planned […]

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Where’s the fire?

2:!5 am
JP: “Hello?, I’ll get him”
Me: “Hello?”
Him: “Captain Luce from the Utica Fire Dept. We have a fire alarm at your plant. How quickly can you get here.”
Me: “Is there a fire?”
Him: “Sir, we have a fire alarm, how quickly can you get here?”
Me: “12 minutes, is there a fire?”
Him: No visible signs. 12 minutes? We’re […]

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Dear Mr. President:
When will it all end?

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