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Monthly Archive for May, 2007

Lawn boy in action

The new lawn boy started this week…

1) Damn he’s handsome!
2) I wish it was hotter so he’d take his shirt off.
3) I love a man who wears protection
4) All of the above
If you picked answer #4, you win.
Contact blog owner for complete game rules, family members automatically disqualified.
I feel like Bob Barker all of a […]

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therapy – utica style

So the weeknd is winding down and I am NOT looking forward to returning to work tomorrow…not even a little. Our weekend in NYC kicked off with cold beer and hot topics at a great bar called therapy-nyc. I could use a little therapy again tonight, but I’ll settle for therapy – utica style…. drinking […]

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If you’ve already read JP’s blog, than you know that we spent the last couple of days meeting bloggers (and stalkers) in NYC. We met a lot of great guys..most of whom we can get in touch with through their own respective blogs. Unfortunately, the one guy who I felt the most connected with doesn’t […]

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What’s in a name… a year later.

It’s been one year, two weeks, and two days since my last post and I feel like blogging again. If you are one of the two or three people who has seen my blog in the past, please be warned that this is a different blog….. so let me start by explaining the new name […]

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